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Chances are you found WellMatters because you’re looking to step up your nutrition game. That’s awesome; I’m glad you’re here!

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about food, diets, nutrition and lifestyle over the last several years. Maybe you’ve jumped all in or perhaps you’ve just dipped your toes in the water.

Wherever you are in your health and nutrition journey, I can help.

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Jen Collingwood

Hello! My name is Jen Collingwood and I am dual certified in Applied Nutritional Coaching by Precision Nutrition and the Nutritional Coaching Institute.

I help people reach optimal health (or regain their health) by editing their diet and lifestyle. I work with my clients on mindset and behavior, and we focus on adding, rather than subtracting, foods in a way that is manageable and meaningful. We also include regular physical movement to offer a well-rounded health plan.

I work closely with my client to uncover their “why” and understand what they want and are willing to do. We create attainable goals, and set accountability check-ins to ensure success.

Together we create a plan that supports their personal goals and suits their lifestyle. This is not a one-size-fits-all program! 

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How My Journey Began

I was once in the same place you are. I began my health journey 15 years ago first as a way to lose weight, and eventually, as a means to regain my health. In that time, while I thought I was taking care of my body by losing weight, I was actually treating my body poorly by following fad diets, consuming copious amounts of artificial sweeteners, restricting my caloric intake and doing tons of cardio. Eventually, I ended up with an ulcerative colitis diagnosis in 2014. When my gastroenterologist told me my diet had nothing to do with my condition I pushed back and started researching how I might be able to heal myself. That’s when it all began to make sense: what I ate was literally making me sick. I knew if food was making me ill, surely it could also make me well!

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From My Clients

Working with Jen has been exactly what I needed. I have struggled to maintain my goal weight most of my adult life and especially since having my kiddo. I have tried numerous programs before and always lost the weight to gain it back again. Jen listened to my goals and worked with me to put together a plan that really worked. She impressed upon me that slow and steady was the real way to lose weight in order to keep it off and develop new habits. She is realistic and understands how life can interfere at times and is encouraging when things don’t go as planned. She also shares her own challenges and is totally relatable. I have felt truly supported by Jen and have seen results from working with her! Her knowledge and compassion make her an excellent partner for anyone’s journey to a healthier version of themselves
- Laura S.
With WellMatters LLC you set your own lifestyle and nutrition goals. Jen will then help you to achieve these goals with support, encouragement, education and accountability. You go at your own pace and Jen will meet you with updated nutritional information, tips and strategies, and suggestions and solutions for your personal challenges. When on this journey with Jen it’s like going on an adventure with a supportive friend.
- Lynne

The Value of One’s Health

I have spent many hours researching the role of food in chronic disease. I’ve learned that most health issues stem from, and can be lessened (and possibly even cured), by the foods we eat.

When we value something we take really good care of it. I learned when I eat well, and move my body, I feel good, I sleep well, and my moods are lighter. I’ve learned to value my health and I’ve made a commitment to myself to continue taking really good care of it.

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To Take Care of Yourself

You don’t have to create a ton of new habits all at once, and you don’t have to give up everything you love. Taking small steps toward your goals is the key to successful change. The best part: improving one area of your life will lead to improvements in other areas of your life; a ripple effect of positive change!

We can’t predict our futures, but we can make each day the best it can be. Investing in yourself today by taking steps to become the best version of you will set you up for success in body, mind and spirit!

If you’re ready to take that first step, let’s talk!
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