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Ready. Set. Thrive!

Why just survive when you can Thrive?

The Ready. Set. Thrive! method is a personally tailored program built specifically for you based on your goals. Together we will work one on one in 3 phases:

We’ll get you Ready by repairing and optimizing your metabolism; reducing stress and food anxiety; and reprogramming your mindset.

We’ll Set you up for sustainable fat loss; we work from an abundance mindset with no restrictions and achieving results eating the foods you love and gaining the self confidence you may be looking for.

It’s time to Thrive: integrating all that you’ve learned into your new lifestyle. You’ll have the confidence you need to continue on your own and maintain your results.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Sustainable fat loss
  • Improved overall health
  • Positive behavior changes
  • Increased and sustained energy
  • Stronger mindset
  • Clear mind
  • Better digestion
  • No more cravings
  • Improved sleep
  • Self confidence
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Take Control of Your Health Today with the Fix My Diet program!

Are you ready to break the chain of yoyo dieting?
Are you motivated to find freedom from the scale?
Would you like to enjoy life with renewed energy & vitality?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, the Fix My Diet program might just be what you need to start reaching your goals!

The Fix My Diet program is a 21-day introduction to personalized 1:1 health and wellness coaching where you will learn sustainable fat loss through lifestyle & behavior coaching, nutrition guidance, and accountability, without a financial commitment.

The FMD program begins with a simple assessment. Your answers to the questions on the assessment will help us identify 1-3 things we can work on together to help you move toward your goals.

To ensure our high standards of hands-on personalization and attention, this is a limited opportunity, and only a few spots are available. Once submitted, your assessment will be reviewed and you will be contacted to set up a discovery phone or video call to review.

Once you’ve committed to the program, you’ll receive a personalized tracking sheet, access to Cronometer tracking software as well as access to the WellMatters My Coach app. 

Please note: the assessment questionnaire is a google form. You will need to be logged into a google account to access the form. Please contact jen@wellmattersnutrition for any assistance

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I will help you understand the quality and nutritional values of the food that you put into your body. I am here to provide the tools, education, and resources to help you create new habits that will last and provide you with a sustainable and healthier lifestyle.


Working collaboratively with my clients, I will help you make decisions that move you toward your goals. The nutritional coaching that you receive will give you more confidence in choosing healthier, more wholesome food and break the habit of eating less than nutritional food. All of this will empower you to take control of your health day to day and month to month.


As we progress through your program, you’ll notice changes in your nutritional decisions and food choices. Slowly we’ll shed off any bad habits that hindered your health, and replace them with good, healthy habits. Small steps are the key to sucess!


Our program provides overall improvement to your health, both physically and mentally. You’ll notice changes in the way you look and feel in your body, your moods, and how you sleep. This is where we have reached and sustained the goals we outlined together at the start of the program. When you look back at who you were at the start of the program and see how far you come you’ll be astonished, and proud, of the growth that you’ve achieved!

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From My Clients

With WellMatters LLC you set your own lifestyle and nutrition goals. Jen will then help you to achieve these goals with support, encouragement, education and accountability. You go at your own pace and Jen will meet you with updated nutritional information, tips and strategies, and suggestions and solutions for your personal challenges. When on this journey with Jen it’s like going on an adventure with a supportive friend.
- Lynne
Working with Jen has been exactly what I needed. I have struggled to maintain my goal weight most of my adult life and especially since having my kiddo. I have tried numerous programs before and always lost the weight to gain it back again. Jen listened to my goals and worked with me to put together a plan that really worked. She impressed upon me that slow and steady was the real way to lose weight in order to keep it off and develop new habits. She is realistic and understands how life can interfere at times and is encouraging when things don’t go as planned. She also shares her own challenges and is totally relatable. I have felt truly supported by Jen and have seen results from working with her! Her knowledge and compassion make her an excellent partner for anyone’s journey to a healthier version of themselves
- Laura S.

Our Approach

Once we implement your nutritional program, I will hold weekly reviews with you to work on smaller targets that will build us up to the larger, ideal goal of the program. We will discuss any issues or concerns that might be hindering your advancement and work together on overcoming those problems. I am here as your coach and ongoing resource, which will help you achieve the health and wellness goals we highlighted during the consultation.

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Take Control of your Health

How WellMatters Coaching Works

Reach Out

The first step is to simply contact us so your health journey can begin!


Free 20-minute assessment in person or virtual. We discuss and determine your health & nutritional goals.


We will work together to create a personally tailored program based on the consultation results.


Weekly on-going management to work on smaller targets that will build to the larger ideal scene.

let’s achieve your health goals together

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