Turning your clock back doesn’t mean you stop moving forward!

As Daylight Savings Time ends and Standard Time begins, don’t let the time change deter you from reaching your goals!

Here we go, back to shorter days, longer nights, and fighting the urge to hibernate until March. Recognizing how the early darkness can impact your daily routine, in both activity and nutrition, is key in staying on track with your goals. Moving forward despite setbacks is an important factor in your wellness journey.

It’s very easy to end your day as soon as the sun sets. The early darkness can be a cue that the day is done and it’s okay to grab a seat on the couch and turn on the TV earlier than you might usually do.

picture of a clock with a background of nature; don't let the early darkness get in the way of your movement and activity goals

Moving forward despite setbacks.

Finding ways to get in your activity or movement BEFORE you sit down for the night can be a challenge this time of year. If you’ve been walking after dinner, for example, you may choose to give up on your walks until spring, when the days become longer again.

Instead, why not take advantage of the early morning daylight. Build some extra time into your morning routine and get your steps in first thing. Start with 10 minutes and see if you can build from there.  Getting some fresh air and watching the sunrise are added bonuses!

You might also find this is a great time to try a different type of activity that doesn’t take you out of your house.  You don’t need a ton of space or equipment to get a good workout at home. There are many workout videos available for free on Youtube #noexcuses.

The time change can also affect your diet. You may find you’re craving more comfort foods and richer, heavier snacks as the weather gets colder. Consider incorporating warm, nutrient-dense meals like soups and stews into your diet. These meals can be both comforting and nourishing, making them an excellent choice during the colder months.

When it comes to snacking, have healthy options readily available, such as cut-up vegetables, fruit, or a small handful of nuts. Avoid keeping sugary and processed snacks in the house to minimize temptation. If you have a sweet tooth and still want to have a treat in the evenings, look for things that have few ingredients or batch bake healthier options at home. I have many recipes for sweet treats that won’t break your nutritional “bank” that I’d be happy to send to you-just let me know!

The switch to shorter days is only one setback that may bring challenges; you may face a busy week, an illness or injury and have to take a a break from your routine. Rest is a very important part of your journey, but with a mindful approach, you can maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle regardless of your circumstance. Understanding your ability and reinforcing a positive mindset will lead you where you want to go!

If you have any specific questions or concerns about your nutrition during this time, feel free to reach out to me for personalized guidance. I offer a free, no obligation discovery call. Bring me your questions, concerns and goals!

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