Maintaining your weight during the holidays.

People everywhere are bracing themselves for several weeks of holiday festivities. Since many holiday celebrations revolve around food and drink, if you are someone who struggles to manage the indulgences of the season, the next few weeks can be stressful. 

That said, your health and fitness goals don’t have to take a back seat during the holidays; you can actually have your cake (or cookies, or wine…), and eat it too! Here are some ways you can stick to your goals and still enjoy celebrating.

First, life should be awesome and you should not restrict yourself from things you enjoy, however, it can be helpful to have a plan to keep your lifestyle on track.

Maintain a mindset of growth and learning.

Even if you overindulge, stay positive, acknowledge where you may have gotten sidetracked, and get back on the plan. Don’t let a bad decision (or two..) stop you from staying on track.

Be realistic about what you can and can’t manage during the season

Plan ahead for the times you expect to splurge. Anticipate the setting and plan appropriately.  

If the event is a cocktail hour type gathering, plan to eat before or have definite dinner plans after. You’ll be better prepared to have a glass or two of wine knowing you have had or will have a proper meal and will be less likely to overindulge.

If you’re attending a longer duration event, try to fill up on vegetables and focus on proteins for satiety. Choose white wines or light beer over mixed cocktails. 

When faced with a buffet style dinner, look over all of the options before making your plate. Choose the healthiest options available and enjoy slowly and mindfully. 

Be realistic about the situation and your ability to make good decisions. 

Without proper planning failure can quickly become reality. 

If you find you are not confident in your ability to make good decisions enlist a friend to offer support and accountability. 

Celebrate your wins!

Building a healthy lifestyle isn’t a one-off challenge but rather many small challenges that add up. Focusing on the positives, celebrating small wins as they happen, gives a feeling of progress and makes the small actions more meaningful.

Success is motivating and that motivation will keep you on track! 

If you slip up-don’t panic! 

It’s okay; it happens to the best of us. The point here is not to throw in the towel completely. Understand what happened, make a mental note, and get back on the plan. One bad decision does not negate all the work you’ve put in. Acknowledge. Address. Move on.

Take the lessons learned and adapt them as you progress toward your goals. The times may change, but the healthy habits learned will stay with you.