Even though it may feel like it, you didn’t gain weight overnight!

…and you won’t lose it overnight either!

Real and lasting change takes time. 

It’s important to work on your foundational habits first before beginning a fat loss phase.

Even then, successful fat loss largely depends on how consistent you want to be and are able to follow the plan you’re given. If you’re willing to be 90-100% consistent you can expect to lose fat faster than if you were 50-60% consistent in hitting your targets.

Some things to note:

Fat loss can happen faster when first beginning your plan and if you have more body fat to lose.  As you lose fat, and become leaner, your rate of loss will slow down. 

The process of losing fat is not linear but rather the rate of loss fluctuates daily and weekly. You cannot live and die by the scale. Use it as a source of data and look at averages over time. 

Some medications can make fat loss more difficult. Birth control, anti-inflammatory medications, and antidepressants may affect your rate of fat loss. *any changes to your medication regimen should be made under the supervision of a healthcare professional, as abruptly stopping or altering medication dosages can have serious health implications.

Other factors that play a role in successful fat loss are sleep habits, stress management, and your current health status. You’ll want to strive for at least 7 hours of sleep; find ways to manage your stress, and take measures to improve your health. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how working with a coach can increase your fat loss success, send a message or comment “fat loss” down below and I’ll send you information on my free 21 day Fix My Diet plan! 

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