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Navigating Holiday Indulgences; Enjoy Fun Foods and Stay On Track

Here we are, the day after Thanksgiving; we came, we ate, and we filled out our stretchy pants. Excellent; I hope you enjoyed every bite! The holiday season has begun-dinners out, holiday parties and happy hours may be filling your calendar, and possibly you’ll even continue celebrating this weekend (I’ll be having a second Thanksgiving […]

Turning your clock back doesn’t mean you stop moving forward!

As Daylight Savings Time ends and Standard Time begins, don’t let the time change deter you from reaching your goals! Here we go, back to shorter days, longer nights, and fighting the urge to hibernate until March. Recognizing how the early darkness can impact your daily routine, in both activity and nutrition, is key in […]

You Need to Eat Protein. This is WHY!

Protein is having a moment and it’s time we all started paying attention! You need to eat protein and this is WHY… What is protein? Proteins are large, complex molecules made up of smaller units called amino acids. They are fundamental to life and perform a wide range of vital functions in the body. Proteins […]